Monday, November 1, 2010

More Work for JCC

"Even Mermaids Do Yoga" is another mermaid who came out of nowhere. In this always surprising process of creating these figures every now and then a mermaid pops up.  So here she is, doing yoga, with a sand dollar around her neck. 

"A Little Bird Told Her" wears a felted beret and her yellow boots and is a bird lover and listener. She wears a necklace of glass beads and a knitted sweater.  She is my bird watcher and is my thank you to all of those beautiful songs I hear every morning when I walk in the woods.

"Olivia's Hen" came out of nowhere also. When I sculpt I start with the head and the rest is dictated by the personality that is revealed on the figure's face. In this instance I started with the pose but I had pictured the figure holding something completely different. The next thing I know there is a little girl with a chicken on her head.  She reminds me of the little bantam hen I had growing up in Montana.

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