Julie Branch lives and works in Upstate New York.  Using clay, fiber, metal, wood and paint she brings to life figures and scenes from her imagination and dreams. Her dogs keep her company in the studio and make sure she takes lots of walks. 

Julie grew up in the Dakotas, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana.  Her adventurous spirit has taken her to Sri Lanka and New Zealand.  She studied art, biology and psychology at Macalester College in Minnesota and later got a graduate degree at Pratt Institute while raising her two children in Brooklyn.  She has taught art to children and adults and worked as a registered art therapist in a variety of settings. 

Daily visits from deer, foxes, rabbits and birds provide lots of new ideas.  She credits her parents for her ability to make things as they always allowed her to make a mess and her dad let her use his tools from an early age.  Their dining room table still has holes in it from her early projects!  Her love of books has been a constant in her life and reading is her favorite way to start and end each day. Mythology, nature, and her dreams are the main sources for her imagery. 

"Art objects are lures, attracting certain spirits, and they're a container for that spirit."                                                                                         -Ficino 

From Julie: "I have been creating characters and settings for them to live in since I was a little girl.  I have gone from using cornstarch clay that I cooked up on the stove to paperclay and ceramic clay but my goal is still the same--to create something that has that spark of "aliveness" to it."

Julie gets some advice from one of her creations.