"Art objects are lures, attracting certain spirits, and they're a container for that spirit."                                                                                                                                             -Ficino

Julie Branch is a sculptor living outside of Rotterdam, New York.  Working primarily in ceramics and fiber she creates figures inspired by nature, dreams and mythology.

Julie grew up in the Dakotas, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana.  As an adult she lived in Minnesota, Montana and New York City.  Throughout her childhood and adult life nature has been an endless source of wonder and solace.  Raising two children and working as an art therapist underscored the importance of nature in the overall health of people.
Her recent work focuses on this relationship with animals and nature. Some work captures the spirits of the animals she encounters during her daily explorations into the woods surrounding her studio.  Other work reflects the rich forms found in the forest.  Underneath it all is a deep understanding of the vital role the forest and its inhabitants play in our collective mythology and humanity. Along with that understanding goes a deep concern for the future of all animal and plant life.  Julie hopes that the figures she creates help to invoke the spirits of nature and evoke within our psyches our deep memory and need for them.