"Art objects are lures, attracting certain spirits, and they're a container for that spirit."                                                                                                                                                          -Ficino


Julie Branch is a sculptor living outside of Rotterdam, New York.  Working primarily in ceramics and fiber she creates figures inspired by nature, dreams and mythology.

Julie grew up in the Dakotas, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana.  As an adult she lived in Minnesota, Montana and New York City.  Throughout her childhood and adult life nature has been an endless source of wonder and solace.  Whether it was watching elephants in Sri Lanka at age 16 or fishers in the woods near her home today, she is an amateur naturalist who has great curiosity and love for nature.  She has raised two children, worked as an art therapist in a variety of settings, and taught art to people of all ages. She currently divides her time between exploring the woods and creating in the studio.


“My recent work focuses on our relationship with animals and nature and their importance in our daily life, our myths, our dreams and our collective unconscious. I am inspired by the animals I encounter on my daily explorations into the woods as well as encounters with urban wildlife.  That powerful moment when you meet a wild animal and are devoured by their consciousness is the experience I am most intrigued by. I hope that my work goes towards helping to improve our connection to the natural world.”