Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tomtens and Birds!

For the Artisan's Showcase at the Sow's Ear Studio and Gallery and the Holiday Show at Valley Artisan's Market these tomtens and felted birds make their seasonal appearance. The tomtens are little Swedish gnomes who are quite mischievous.  My Swedish grandmother sent a tomten to us when I was a child and they have been part of my life ever since.  They like to have a nice bowl of rice pudding on Xmas Eve as an expression of appreciation for their hard work all year.  These little birds and tomtens are available in Cambridge, NY at the Valley Artisan's Market during the month of December.

Monday, November 1, 2010

More Work for JCC

"Even Mermaids Do Yoga" is another mermaid who came out of nowhere. In this always surprising process of creating these figures every now and then a mermaid pops up.  So here she is, doing yoga, with a sand dollar around her neck. 

"A Little Bird Told Her" wears a felted beret and her yellow boots and is a bird lover and listener. She wears a necklace of glass beads and a knitted sweater.  She is my bird watcher and is my thank you to all of those beautiful songs I hear every morning when I walk in the woods.

"Olivia's Hen" came out of nowhere also. When I sculpt I start with the head and the rest is dictated by the personality that is revealed on the figure's face. In this instance I started with the pose but I had pictured the figure holding something completely different. The next thing I know there is a little girl with a chicken on her head.  She reminds me of the little bantam hen I had growing up in Montana.

Sweet Music & Stories for Penguins*

This little fiddler is another piece that will be on display at the JCC for the next three months. I love violin music, or fiddle music if you are a bluegrass lover like me, and in particular, Norman and Nancy Blake's "Cairo Waltz".  That sweet song was running through my head as I created this little fellow.

*There is a disclaimer that goes along with this piece and that is that Emperor penguins live in Antarctica and not where people would normally be found. So I am taking my artistic license firmly in hand and putting these two together in this scene.

New Work for JCC Display: Flight of Fancy

This is one of several pieces that will be on display at the Jewish Community Center in Niskayuna, NY from November through January. The inspiration for these pieces were the children that go there for daycare and preschool. Reading about the declining creativity in our children (if we can believe everything we read) I thought about all the neat things kids can do that a) don't cost anything and b) get kids into that "state of bliss" and help them cope with whatever is going on in their world.

This piece hangs suspended in flight, her hands clutching two feathers, her eyes closed in the wonderful feeling of flying like a bird.