Monday, August 1, 2016

Explorer or Miner?

From an article by Stephen M. Parks about artist Armand Lara:
"Artists might be roughly lumped into two categories, the miners and the explorers. The miners find a medium, a style and subject matter that fit their aesthetic sensibility and then spend a professional lifetime mining that creative lode.  The explorers, on the other hand, are restless souls plying their protean talents in this genre and that working one vein then turning to another that gleams there in the mysterious muck.  Giacometti was a miner.  Picasso was an explorer.  And Armand Lara is an explorer."

These words have helped me explain why I work in clay, fiber, wood and concrete and have worked large, small and in between.  I just finished a children's book created with illustrations made from figures and sets I constructed and am now back in the world of fired clay with the intention of doing some large installations. Along the way I took a quick detour and did a fiber piece about my childhood in a military family.  Time will tell if the world can accept the explorers of the world.  In the meantime I am on a great adventure!